True Sissy Husband Stories

This is just a story of my husband and me. I ve been dominating him since a couple of months after we got married, which was 4 years ago. I ve been into domination though for 10 years, and loving every moment of it. He came to me about domination and I was more than glade to show him. Enjoy.
It was on July of 2005, Independence Day. We had just gotten back from walking around the camp grounds and were relaxing in our RV, when Joe, my husband, started talking to me about how he was looking forward to the night s events of the fireworks out by the lake. I remember the look in his eyes as he was recalling the year before events we had together. For some reason it was turning me on and I got up and asked him if he was wearing the panties I had bought for him.
Yes dear, you told me to wear them this night. He said as he looked down which is a normal reaction that he has had since I started dominating him.
Good, now get into the back of the RV. I have something I want you to do for me. I said forcefully as I started taking off my blouse.
Without question as any good slave should do, he marched straight back into the RV where the bedroom was and waited for my next command.
A few moments later I appeared and told him to get on his knees, the time for pleasuring me has come and maybe if he did it right he could be pleasured as well, only at my discretion.
Yes my master. He said eagerly and dropped to his knees to do as he was told.
He was about to start the act when I stopped him suddenly.
First I want you to strip and get my whip, slave. I said with a grin on my face as a stunned look on his face appeared.
He slightly hesitated and then realized his hesitation didn t prove well with me. I closed my legs and looked at him sternly shouting. NOW I SAID.
He leapt up and started rummaging through the closet trying to find the whip. I sat back and smiled slightly as I watched the event unfold. Always having pleasure when a male would do as I said no matter when I said it. He was trying to pry off his clothes at the same time as looking through the closet for fear if he didn t find it quick enough the opportunity to serve me would pass. Such a foolish man…
After he finally found it about 3 minutes later he dropped to his knees, fully naked.
Here my mistress. He said as he put the whip by my feet, breathing heavily and unsure if he was in trouble or not for taking so long.
About time, slave, I could have found it faster myself, and you shall be punished for taking so long. I said picking up the whip and grinned. He was shaking now with either fear or anticipation of what the punishment would be